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  • Nikolina
    On the issue of my husband, I've long suspected. Started warning his nightly trips to the bathroom, increased nervousness and rejection of intimacy. About his illness, categorically refused to speak, and especially to go to the doctor. The commission concluded that on the forum in a medical consultation with the urologist. I came across a highly trained professional who explained in detail what would be my husband in the next prostatitis, if not treated. As my husband refused to go to the doctor, it is advisable to carry out the treatment of the capsules prostero. The husband agreed to drink the medicine, because so very much for the course he suffered from the disease. A week later she confessed that the pain is gone and back to normal urination. After one month of treatment, the husband completely get rid of this painful, and I again felt a desirable woman. The drug really works wonders. I want to Express my gratitude to the doctors who developed the drug.
  • Luka
    I would never have thought that I hitched a infection. Go to the doctor hesitated. On the capsules ProstEro I learned through the Internet and decided to book immediately. On the fifth day began to disappear and the pain and decreased urination in the toilet. On the third week I felt like another person. Not only are the symptoms, I began to feel a wave of internal forces. Erection fully recovered and I also think that libido has increased slightly.
  • Davor
    ProstEro helped me get rid of the problems in intimate life. Began to experience pain in the testicles, after a visit to the urologist noted that the fashion is enlarged and inflamed. I didn't really want to go to painful procedures: injections, massage, she decided to try natural remedies. The doctor, who supported me and recommended this product. Subscribe prostero on the official website and started to be treated, as it is written in the instructions. A few days later the symptoms started to pass. The next month passed the analysis of the results showed that all returns to normal.
  • Ivan
    With potency everything was still all ok. However, prostatitis horribly tortured for one year, have more than once remind yourself. The wife found on the Internet information about the drug ProstEroopinions on this have been positive. Drank it all of course (pills). The pain was gone, all symptoms gone. Would recommend to anyone faced any problems with masculine health.
  • Mario
    Launched prostatitis, as it should not be considered. Noticed that the disease began to affect the potency of the forces are not, as they say. Of course, it was to find a way to solve the problem. By chance found out about the ProstEro and, strictly follow the instructions. A pleasant change was not long in the future, increased libido and strength, feel young and full of energy. Wife also excited about the changes, the intimate life, you could say that he got a second wind, to Generally favorable effect on the relations. No side effects, fortunately, did not notice, so I recommend it.
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